Edges of Hade

I was at the edges,
Treading by the brinks,
I can feel the precipice,
Cloth with drapery;
Of thin white linen,
Surging in the wind,
Drape over the abyss;
Hiding the chasm.
Cries wail from deep,
Cold, sharp like scythe.
Thin fingers groped,
Sooty bones from Hades.
Was apprehensively worried,
Crossing time is nigh?
Nay! the day and hour;
Is the secret of ages.
Aside blows the linen,
Inside, a peek I took.
And then it covers.
But enough I saw to puke.
My heart quivered close.
Body tingled with cold.
What the eyes behold;
Had my mouth sold.
Shivering in the cold;
While not yet my show?
My limbs not weight-load,
Away move I fro.
Composed by:
Halladie Tosin
Copyright, 2016.