Animal’s Time

– Prologue
– Seeds of Discord
– The Animal’s Camp
– Strategies of War
– Man’s Victories
– The Turning Tides
And so I imagine Man in God’s Court trying to defend his case of many count charges filed against him. Looking forlorn in the Accuse Dock before the Almighty, one can but feel remorseful for him for he appeared boxed in fully and has #Nowhere_to_Run.
“The fishes challenged my authority!” he said. “From the seas?” God asked. “I put you on land, how do the Pisces get to wage war on you? The earth was not deluged so you can’t claim #Underwater
“But the beast of land too” man continue his unfounded efforts at getting exoneration; looking more and more pitiful at it. “I put them in the deep forest far away from you. You went after them” came the clarification from God.
Looking discouraged, I imagine man, awaiting his Lord judgment, hopeful but still dreadful of the outcome.
Seeds of Discord:
When God created the world, He filled it with animals of different sizes, shapes and of varying ferocity and timidity but topping them all; at the very top of the food chain, He put man to lord them over and to strike balances.
And man, since the beginning of time, has exercise dominion on all; flexing his muscles on the land animals, outwitting the fleets of beasts and commanding every animal-pilots in the air. Not only these animal but their habitats too. Man became the caretaker of the animal niche. He assigned rooms and take rents at their expenses forgetting or neglecting the fact that God built the very House he was care-taking. And God, for once never demanded anything in return.
Maybe man is oblivious of God’s reason for the preferential treatment he was given, the special high place he was placed above his fellow brothers (the animals), maybe he even knows it was God’s love for him but to be oblivious or unconcerned about the plights of his so thought “subordinates” that he himself, from his actions and inaction, has fashioned for them is totally an act of barbarism. The de-animalizing way in which life have been wrought for animal worldwide is nothing short of appalling and a show of sadism in humanity part.
God put man at the helms of affairs not to de-animalised but strike balance between warring parties as both are creations of the Creator. Man is an animal with brains and animals are men with no brains. They are both brothers in creation but the intellectual gift from God (the power of reasoning) made man the elder brother. And it was when man disobeyed God; when he possessed the knowledge of good and bad did his younger brothers began to grumble as they find him unfit to be their elder brother for God still refuses to remove man’s domination over them. #How_can_a_sinner_lead_the_upright? Was the question on their mind but they dare not question God’s decision.
But man, instead of trying to improve his position in his younger ones eyes, went berserk that they dare have such thoughts about his incompetency and unfitness to be captain of the ship. He begins hunting them for man thought “Why not sacrifice them as atonement for my sins before God?” And so, man begins his bestiality. He hunted, killed and spilled blood. And his brothers, out of fear and hatred for what their brother had become, deserted him. They left him alone but he search and still hunt them down. Into the sea, he dive to hunt, in the air he fly to kill and on the land, he went on rampage. Killing and hunting and spilling the blood of his brothers put in his care. His brother’s remains turned food and ornamental purposes. And to justify his actions, he thought “they harbor evil thoughts against me. I’m right in using them for atonement”.
But man’s decision to maim and kill was enough to spark war. From the discord seeds has emerged an asunder-tree on which grows the swords of war.
The Animal’s Camp
In the animal’s camp, as is in every army camp, there exist animals of differing strength, bravery and war experience. Thus the timid ones, those not cut out to survive alone came back under man’s care and man begin what he called “domestication”. He raised them and used them as he fit and so life continues.
There are some, the crafty ones, who rather than be domesticated, preferred to act the #Robinhoods; stealing and burning enemy’s war supplies. Though selfish, they would sneak in while man is sleeping and took what belong to them and ran away. But soon, they became overconfident at playing Robinhood. They start the game of “hide and seek” having decided to live right under man’s nose where he can’t see them but that later became their undoing. Man’s craft bested their own.
Then there are those whose, initially from inception, love for man as their brother was at optimum level. But because of man’s ways and acts, their love which is the light of their heart turned to hatred, the darkness, at optimum level also. Just like #Obito_Uchiha of the #Naruto series, their hatred knew no bound. They became ferocious and lose themselves to this darkness to an extent where they kill their own fellow younger brothers and secretly lay in wait for man; the causative elder brother of their predicaments.
Strategies of War
Man, initially thought he is far better than his brothers in every aspect; strength, speed, smartness and all. But being an animal with reasoning powers, he was quick in realizing the error of those thoughts. He knows that he is nowhere near them, individually, and so he build cooperation among himself and spread discord in theirs.
In so doing, he in togetherness, matched the lions and tigers in strength, being together he outrun the cheetah and putting heads together he was able to achieve more successes with his brains not as smart and in better uses as that of the Dolphin for this Einstein of the Seas used more better percentage of its brain than man has. Man was late in using telecommunication for the Dolphin have got “inbuilt receiver” which gives it ability of communication of seemingly impossible distance by sonar vibration. Man hasn’t use 10% of his brain and even #Albert_Einstein is the only one close to the 10% but the Dolphin is well over 20%. That is a total knockout (TKO).
Man’s Victories
As this brotherly war stretches over the yawn of ages, scores and scores of victories were made in man’s camp with war trophies, plaudits, booties and accolades at his very feet. His almost vanquished brothers died daily of starvation, illness or withered away in reserved areas or at the very best, put in prisons for exhibition shows.
The Turning Tides
The joy of countless winnings induced overconfidence in man. This confidence makes man lower his guard and the war tide changed even if it will be brief.
With the help of new generations of #Einsteins, #Newtons and #Pasteurs among the Timid and Robin-hood Battalions under the able leadership abilities of the war experienced Brave and Strong Generals, the animals developed their own weapons; biological in nature. They come up with series of diseases ranging from the incurable HIV/AIDs virus to the untouchable Ebola Virus and man was bested beyond reasoning.
The battle become devastating, bloody with total cruelty as man lost millions of his kinds to these future threatening diseases. Though these may not be atomic bombs; they are just as effective. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Only God knows what’s next.
The war table has been turn on man; it’s Animal’s Time.
Written by:
Halladie Tosin (AMON)
(c) 2015