The caption above is now the mantra of almost every youth on earth. The hope of being a better person one day to be able to do something worthwhile. The most popular better-future-expectation hymn in this church of life sang by today’s choir of a youth. Unknowingly, we the youth sang this coronach oblivious of the fact that the future is dying. “Someday I’ll do this”. “Someday I’ll do that”. When will that day come?

After your hair has developed a reversing strategy and its technology advanced that it has bleached itself white without your consent and your backbone says no more straight walking? When your eyes need another eyes and you’ve already got a third leg to work with? When your breathing becomes erratic and your brain got muddled up with child fantasy because it’s undergoes rejuvenation? Or let’s cap it all; when you’ve been laid into that house which was built within 2 hours of your last breath?

No! It shouldn’t be. It should be now when you are strong and brewing with the energy of new wine taped from a matured sapling. When you’ve still got all those energy and right mind to do it once and be done with it. And by that I say; Why not Now? Why not today which you’ve got and not tomorrow which is only a wish and not yet a gift unto you? Today when you’ve still got today? Why not now when you’ve still got now for the next second isn’t even yours? Enough of the procrastination. Procrastinators don’t get things done. They are not achievers. All mouth and no Act. All talk with no action. They are but dreamers only. Wishful thinkers they are. They know life ain’t a bed of roses but want the good things of it on a platter of gold; just like that?

Had Thomas Edison continued day dreaming about wanting light and keep procrastinating his actions no bulb would have existed. Had the Wright brothers not acted mankind won’t have been flying by this time but maybe in the next century. Had Mandela not acted, apartheid would have continued it reign in South Africa by now. Had our fore fathers not acted Nigeria would have continued as a colonised nation well in to the late Nineties. And had the sperm that made you hesitate just for a micro second you won’t have been born at all.

Why not today? Why not now? Stop the procrastination. Stop singing a dirge for your future. Do what need be done and be done with it already. No dilly-dallying. You’ve got only today, this moment which is a gift for tomorrow is but a wish.

Do It Now…

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