Concept of Barcology

Barcology: A concept of the greatest team in the world

Barcology and Barcos System

The term “BARCOLOGY” was coined from two Greek words #barcos” and “logos”. Barcos means or is a dynamic system built so as to minimally reduce or totally remove impossibilities through adherence to an age-long philosophy which itself breed beliefs, confidence and resilience. And “logos” as everybody knows it means “to study”.  So, Barcology is the study of the said “dynamic system”.

 Barcology, though a new term, is a constant that has over the years prove to be an important and one of the most recognized, if not the most, in the differing systematic approaches of the spherical world. When it was first introduced (as a system), the spherical world look upon it as being too flexible, too easy and too soft compared to the usual hard, long, and forced approach which characterize every other system. Before going deep, it will be essential to analyze Barcology through its own definition.  

As a dynamic system, barcology is a powerful, changing and fluid set of same or almost the same variables or part (same having being schooled together on the aforesaid philosophy) that though looked simple in structure or arrangement has a complex logistic behind it. The modus operandi could be likened to watching the actions of a spider making web network for its prey. It doing so, one witnessed the pattern, process and the interchanging of threads over threads as they were being systematically design to form the web network. The interplay between the distinct threads are a conforming attributes to the spider’s vision. And what is this vision? “Safety and death trap”.  A spider’s web network is not only used as a death trap for its preys but also serve as a safety pad for it and provide the point of attack against incoming predators. While under attack, you will see the spider weaving intricate web designs to slow the predator’s attack and weakened it before finally rendering it incapacitated.

Therefore, it is a series of well calculated step or process that require doggedness, patience and the ability to project and hold on to the vision which alone is a motivating factor to achieve desired end result while keeping faith or having a complete belief in the dynamic reliability  of the system. Such is barcology as a dynamic system.

Furthermore, the definition goes on to stressed the importance of an age-long philosophy without which the barcos system will not hold true. It is this philosophy that promotes or enhances aforesaid doggedness, patience and foresight projection for it totally encompassed all and when fully ingrained into the system breeds the much enthralling confidence, beliefs and resilience that characterized this system.

The philosophy though simple embodies all and went thus: “if you keep the sphericity, you own the world”. Or put as “if you have the sphericity well, you will own the world”. What this philosophy tries to do is bring the attention to the need to control the result-deciding-factor, for without it; you can’t get the much battled for result. It preaches the need to contain the sphericity while using the dynamic ability of the system to conform others to it energetic processes and gradually, like the spiders, subject them to more intricate patterns which will totally confound them, weakened them and render them annulled. It emphasizes upon having the four aces, or keeping the bone of contention far away from their reach.

What this ingrained philosophy tries to achieve is “Minimal reduction or total annihilation of the factors of impossibility”. This system is out to make impossibilities possible; turning the head over for the tail and if faced with something inferior; render it out of action.

Thus, Barcos as a system could be said to be a unique war strategy or a progressive process of solution to problems. It could be likened to the world deadliest form of self-defense (Tai Chi) with its slow and sometimes quick movements, its calculated style of motions, and the art of switching opponents’ attack into reverse while simultaneously using it as an advantage to launch a counter attack. And if possible, if given the chance, render a foe helpless and clueless just by the dynamic display of the system working principle which alone is a cause of dementedness.

Another analogy to explain barcology goes thus: Two ships are to cross the sea and the first to reach the other end will be award winner. The ship captains were told to each request for “anything” to aid the cause(which won’t be given to the other). The first captain smiles and requested for the strongest and fastest ship ever built. The second captain thoughtfully, asked for “control over the wind”. The end result is left for the reader’s discretion. Who won the race?

Features of Barcology

On my first encounter with a barcos system, the first feature I noticed is the presence of a “central figurehead piece” around which all other parts revolve. Though the system still runs smoothly without it but its presence always has a remarkable effect on the dynamism of the system as a whole. It makes it function better. It has been changed once and another is on ground to replace it in nearest future.

This central piece has many functions. It’s the focal point of forward motion and distribution or at times the deceiving piece (as it function like a catapult). Watching the barcos system with it single center piece is really amazing, but now, with the advancement in technology, it has been upgraded to triple center pieces (just to test the effect) and the watch is mesmerizing. So feature one, a central figure part; much like the queen in the game of chess.

Another feature noticed is the “Give and Take Mechanism”. This particular feature is the “action” the earlier quoted philosophy. To hold or keep the sphericity, there is a great need for this mechanism as it helps in the distribution of fluidity within the system. However, it’s not all about the distribution; it’s about what is being done with it.

All the interplays, the interchange and intricate patterns of these distributions are all geared toward a purpose set out to be achieved. This purpose is much like a spider’s and that include: safety pad for protection involving coercing by system dictation and a position point for the knockout punch.

Lessons from Barcology

          The study of Barcology has time and time again contributed its quota when it comes to learning from unconventional source. The barcos system itself has over the years produced astonishing results when put under series of experimental test. It earned for itself the trademark trio of belief, confidence and resilience that are the fruit of strict adherence to the sphericity philosophy.


The barcos’s principle could be philosophically explains as follows “to win or achieve success, you have to play to your strength and try as much as possible to dictate the tune of life for your problems and foes to dance to and not vice versa”.

Also, of importance to point out is a recent two-stage analysis carried out not long ago to verify again the degree of reliability of the one and only known Barcos System in the world. Unfortunately, on a scale of 0-10 reliability range, the system drop below “least expectation of zero degree” to a negative four (-4).

But after careful analysis, it was found that the problem lies with the confidence control. It malfunctioned causing the armature to stick at the red zone of “over-confidence”.

Lesson: Overconfidence fails and kills a person; beware.

          With a dampened reputation but untouched resolve, the barcos system fully unveiled it dynamic abilities for at the second stage of the test, it provide for itself a “confidence regulator (attitude)” to countered another possible malfunction. The end result was awe aspiring as it creditably met all impossible expectations.

It was asked “What bird can tame the storm? Nothing short of the eagle”.

Lesson: With the right attitude, your confidence will make you.

As for the cause of the first malfunction, it only proves to show perfection cannot be attained. You can only get nearer. Everyone has got a weakness or the other, what is expected is making it your strength. When life throws stones, make a bridge and not a wall. Adversity beckons at anytime, it’s out to mar you but your reactions could turn the tides.

Of utmost to remember is this: your effort is not enough until you are successfully through. Never rest on your oars for a win today may bring a fatal loss tomorrow if you dwell too much on it euphoria.

NB: ==>   # “Barcos is not a greek word. Just an intuitive derivation from the language”



Zednar Nisot

Copyright 2017