Mankind Search For God


Mankind search for God:

From a single point, he took different paths. Differ was he in thoughts, belief and reasoning ways. Over mountains and hills, oceans and seas, forests and deserts; traveled he in search for truth. Many are the paths, one is the way.

Mankind search for God:
With his imaginations, he conjured events. In his mind, he dreamed symbols. With his perceptions, he drew up fictions. From his looking at nature, he draw illogical conclusions. #Smiles. A finite mind sought an Infinite Being. Folly was the end results.

Mankind search for God:
To know the Creator, he sought creations. A welcome line of thought. A good beginning but lacked continuity. Instead, his figments of imaginations, embedded in his wild fantasies became his stumbling block. For him to see Creator’s hand works and attributes, he assumed the greatness of God in them to mean Him instead. He looked at mountains, hills, valleys and water bodies and saw manifestations of his fantasy. Heavenly bodies that extols the beauty of God’s designs were given special consideration. The sun, the moon and the stars; subjects of God and subjected to His Will were elevated beyond. Man search for God, instead found His hand works. But to reason beyond the obvious, from the seen to the unseen, prove impossible for him. He sought God through His makings but eventually make them Him. That became his undoing. The fear of the unknown makes man worship the known. He failed in his quest for enlightenment.

Mankind search for God:
While man sought out God, his archenemy planned him to find the opposite. With his trickery, he devised means to make Man’s quest panned to his advantage. He let him search but shows him what to find. He allow him think but whispers to him. He knows man seek the Unknown. And he too is unknown. That make man an easy prey for him. By doing extra-ordinaries, he posed as He who was sought. He become an impostor. So when man think, yearning to hear the Unknown, he whispers to him. When he look, he materialised before him. When man asked, he giveth the extras. At man request, he does beyond expectations. He but asked only one thing in return; worship me. Man was liked “why not? I sought you to worship of course!”

Little did he know. An impostor has played on his curiosity. His search for holy sanctuary had brought the worship of the Accursed One. And man rejoiced. “I found God” he thought. And for a while, he basked in that euphoria.

But it wasn’t to be long. For God so love man, that He began to sent His chosen ones to guide his most favoured creation.
Man search for God; found the Devil but being saved as I write.
May man truly find God.

Halladie Tosin